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General Staffing

We have been providing an efficient, effective and enjoyable staffing experience for companies. We know that a resume is important, but it’s also just a piece of paper. Our job is to get you the team that will fulfill your needs and help you to sucessed.


Get a Team That Will Streamline Your Processes And Boost Productivity.

We pride ourselves in the unique ability to not only staff and recruit in your local market but also offer overseas options. In a highly competitive world, having affordable options for roles in your growing company is vital.

Hiring an individual or a team of virtual assistants through Outsourced Staffing Solutions gives you easy access to a competitive pool of talent that will streamline your processes and boost productivity.

At the Office

General Staffing Pricing

Administrative Skills

$8 - $12 Per Hour

  Customer Care

  Data Analyst


  Admin Support

  Live Chat

  Email Support

Technical Skills

$8 - $12 Per Hour

  Website Development

  Software Development

  Database Management

  Technical Assistant

  Help Desk

  QA Tester

Creative Skills

$8 - $12 Per Hour

  Graphic Design

  Graphic Layout

  Social Media Management

  Video Editing

  Photo Editing

  Copy Writing


Case Study Video

Benefits Of Working With Us

Transparent Pricing

Account Manager

Scale Quickly & Easily

Onboarding Support

Payroll Management

Ongoing HR Support

No Long-Term Contracts

Performance Management


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