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Large Call Center Teams

Unmatched resource quality without breaking the bank.  Teams of 10+ available.  

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Marketing Staff

With a growing pool of Marketers having both globally acclaimed academic and professional qualifications, Outsourced staffing solutions is one of the first marketing resource providers catering to an established clientele in the USA.

Call Center Staff

Outsourced Staffing Solutions prides itself on finding extroverted personalities who are willing to go the extra mile in order to help your clientele with their after-sales services that are an integral part of maintaining and building your business. Our analytical solutions based on the input from our team could help you identify any problems faced by your consumers and provide fast solutions to assure their retention.

Call Center Employee
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Operations Coordinators

We have close to a decade of experience with clients in the USA streamlining operational workflows and providing coordinating support for finance, marketing, operations, sales and much more... 

It Solutions

Your digital presence is key in solidifying a strong brand image that allows you to convert leads to customers. Our IT solutions offer a range of services that include Business Consulting, UX/UI Consulting and Application Development coupled with Digital Marketing, which allows you to expand your digital presence and align your future goals with an ever growing digital economy.

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Our Secret Sauce

Delivering a highly professional and skilled workforce within discussed timelines is our speciality. Our talent management team will ensure that your turnover rate is kept below 5%, by making sure that your new team members will fit your organization like a tailored suit.

We know that rehires on average will cost your organization between 150% to 200% over your initial hires. A guaranteed lower turnover will assure that your training costs and other intangible opportunity costs are kept low.

Why Select Outsourced Staffing Solutions?

Our recruitment entails a screening process that helps us evaluate values such as dedication, trust, honesty and integrity of an employee. We would also help you tailor training programs that would allow your team members to continuously grow both individually and collaboratively, which is proven to be a key factor that contributes to employee happiness. Our leadership will be sure to motivate and monitor your team, assuring that your timely business objectives are met as per your expectations.

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You Are Just A Click Away From Building Your Dream Team

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