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Pay per Lead, Lead Generation

Our full service outbound calling pay per lead, lead generation system is designed to help businesses grow quickly!  We have no set up fees or monthly service fees.  You only pay for the leads or appointments we generate!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Accounting
    ✓ Daily Transaction Recording ✓ Full Cycle A/R ✓ Month End Financial Close ✓ Policies Manuals _______________________ ✓ Full Cycle A/P ✓ Equity Accounting ✓ Procedure Manuals ✓ System Implementation Sales Tax Compliance _______________________ ✓ Fixed Asset Tracking ✓ Government Filings ✓ 1099 Filings ✓ Revenue Accounting
  • Reporting
    ✓ Company Dashboard ✓ Board Packages ✓ Operational Metrics ✓ Management Reports _______________________ ✓ Variance Analysis ✓ Cash Burn Analysis ✓ Financial Statements
  • Finance
    ✓ Financial Budgets ✓ Financial Forecasts ✓ Business Modeling ✓ Stock Options
  • Payroll and Labor Services
    ✓ Full Cycle Payroll and Filings ✓ Complete Employee Onboarding ✓ Employee Manuals ✓ Background Checks _______________________ ✓ I-9 Verification ✓ Employee Health Benefits ✓ 401k Plans ✓ Compliance
  • Expert Insights
    ✓ Business Development Expertise ✓ Marketing Specialist Insights ✓ CFO Reviews ✓ New Market Analysis
  • Exit Planning
    ✓ ESOP coordination ✓ ESOP operational accounting assistance ✓ Business liquidation assistance ✓ Systems wind-downs ✓ Shareholder payback management
Staff Meeting

Paving the Path to Success

We're Experts At Generating Leads and Appointments.

However, this doesn't mean we are in this alone, you know your business better than any one.  We will be regularly checking in with you on the quality of the leads and appointments we are delivering.  We do this to ensure success of the campaigns, but also to help us train the team that is dedicated to your campaign.  

Why we offer pay per lead!

We found that the lead generation market is saturated with companies who claim to offer top of the line lead generation.   They require the client to in essence cover all the costs of training and building the campaign, risking nothing.  They have no skin in the game and in reality are profiting from day one.  Then, whether the campaign succeeds or fails, the client is required to pay the monthly service fee, again with no risk to the provider.  

Some even offer guarantees, which from personal experience are rarely honored.  

All that being said, we wanted to do things differently! 

We wanted to be a part of our clients growth, to partner, and to "put our money where our mouth is" to  coin a phrase.

So, we did.  

Let's Generate Leads For Your Business That Will Convert To Sales.

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