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What You Need to Know About Managing Outsourced Remote Staff

Outsourcing repetitive tasks to a remote staff is essential to streamlining efficiency within your organization. The employees on your payroll cost you, both in their paychecks, but also in the time it takes to onboard them and support their development. Unfortunately, as is always true, no matter how many resources you put into an employee, turnover is inevitable, which comes with and additional cost.

Given the expense tied to employees on your payroll, it’s imperative you are making the most of that cost. You do that by ensuring your employees are working on high-value projects and tasks – those that cannot be done without thorough training and oversight, ongoing development, and immersion in your company culture. If a certain task does not fall into all those categories, the responsibility should be outsourced so your employees have more time to focus on furthering your business.

Outsourcing to Remote Staff Doesn’t Have to Be Intimidating

The idea of outsourcing work to remote employees working for a third-party, tends to intimidate organizations, which is understandable. Questions like “how do I monitor information handling?” or “what does managing a remote staff entail” (among many others) are certainly concerns that need to be addressed. Though valid questions, it’s important to recognize there are entire businesses that have perfected the art of remote work, providing nothing but outsourced staffing solutions.

Taking advantage of an outsourced remote staff actually means less oversight for your organization as that is handled by the business you partner with. The entire goal of a remote staff is to alleviate action items from your organization’s or your personal agenda, which cannot be accomplished if you need to be involved every step of the way. Your involvement should be simple, straight forward, and stress-free.

Managing a Remote Staff

Your management of a remote staff is truly paired down to clear communication – both ways. Whether you are simply in need of a virtual assistant or a full team of remote staff, your involvement looks quite similar. It starts with information gathering to ensure alignment on the needs your organization has and how your outsourced staffing solution can help. From there, you will delegate the projects or tasks you need help with by providing clear guidance, then you can essentially remove the tasks from your radar. Upon the agreed upon due date or milestones, your remote employee(s) will deliver their assigned work and move on the next project.

The level of communication you receive throughout a project is up to you. If you would like more or less frequent updates, that expectation will be agreed upon in initial information gathering. Given the remote employees are not on your payroll, HR management of them is not your responsibility. But, you have the freedom to direct them as needed, more communication, just let them know, less, etc. Outsourced staffing solutions works with their remote employees internally to ensure client expectations are met and surpassed. That management structure allows you to focus on the other responsibilities on you and your team’s agenda, without the need to hunt down project updates.

Taking advantage of remote staffing is essential to enabling heightened efficiency for your organization. Don’t waste valuable time or resources any longer – reach out to Outsourced Staffing Solutions today!


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